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Malik Special Professor at Chinese Top Universities

////Malik Special Professor at Chinese Top Universities
Malik Special Professor at Chinese Top Universities2017-09-18T12:28:25+00:00

F. Malik Special Professor at Chinese Top Universities

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik was named „Special Professor“ to the prestigious Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) in Beijing, China in November 2011. The presidents of several of the most renowned universities in China and leaders of SAFEA, the Chinese government authority for cooperation with foreign experts and training for members of the Chinese administration and executive were present at the award ceremony. CUEB is one of the leading Chinese business and economic universities with 20,400 students and 1,459 professors, lecturers and scientists.

This was followed in September 2012 by Malik’s nomination as „Special Professor of Management“ at the Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (IMAU) in China. The autonomous region „Inner Mongolia“ is one of the Chinese regions with the highest growth, the strongest entrepreneurial dynamism and the highest number of billionaires. The main reason is the virtually inexhaustible deposits of so-called rare earths. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the university as part of the major ceremony on September 9, 2012 the agreement on the foundation of the Malik Center for Systematic Management was signed. The subject of the agreement was also implementation of Malik SuperSyntegrations® at the IMAU in order to master the enormous dynamism of the region and its business world. The foundation of additional Malik Centers is already planned.

In addition Prof. Malik held the opening keynote speech at the International Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Jilin University (JLU) in 2013, a national key university and with 69.000 students China’s largest university. Prof. Malik was appointed Honorary Professor of JLU and a cooperation agreement with the School of Management and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education was signed. At Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (IMAU), President Li of IMAU, Prof. Malik and the Vice Governor of Inner Mongolia hosted the opening ceremony of the IMAU-Malik Center. The center will be one nucleus for educating Chinese executives in systemic management.

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