Extreme Skiing on Langkofel – March 16, 2001

First passage of the south gully (“Malik Gully”) of Langkofeleck, incline 52 degrees, 600 m high

In winter 2000/2001 conditions in the Dolomites were fantastic, for the first time in years. This permitted extreme skiing under optimal conditions.

On March 16, 2001, the mountain guide Hermann Comploj and I were the first to succeed in skiing down the 52° steep ravine of Lankofeleck to the so-called Stone City below the Sella Pass. Gabriel, the well-known Gröden helicopter pilot flew us to the south peak at 10.00 a.m. after we had been forced to wait an hour for the stubborn mist to lift. From there we descended the 600 m high slope in three-and-a-half hours – an Alpinist’s dream had come true…

Pictures of the tour: