PIMS® Profit Impact of Market Strategy® – Areas of Application

Business performance improvement

  • How much money should we make?
  • What would we expect costs in the business to be?
  • What is the right mix of advertising, promotion and salesforce effort?
  • Where must the business concentrate its efforts to improve overall per­formance?

Portfolio strategy

  • What is the expected performance of the businesses in the portfolio?
  • What businesses should we invest in?
  • How can we improve operational effectiveness in a poorly performing business  to achieve an acceptable return?
  • What businesses should be divested?

Customer Value management

  • What matters most to your customers and how well do you perform on those factors?
  • What are your strengths & weaknesses, compared to competitors?
  • Do you offer value?
  • What are the customer clusters/segments and how should you address them?


  • What is the acquisition worth?
  • What are the potential synergies?

New ventures

  • What is your competitive position?
  • What is the likely competitive reaction to new entry?
  • How quickly can you penetrate the market?
  • Will you achieve acceptable returns after entry?