PIMS® Profit Impact of Market Strategy® – The Four Key Elements

Customer Value

Customer Value analysis allows you to compare the performance of your pro­duct/service in the market place relative to its competitors, assess its strengths and come up with an overall relative value position. This concept is key to our view of strategy, there is no point in being the most efficient producer of a pro­duct no-one wants to buy. Our analysis assesses your per­formance from the customers point of view and relative to your competi­tors.

The concept of Par performance

We answer the questions: What should a business like mine earn?  What are my strategic strengths and weaknesses? Once you know whether your busi­ness is over or under-performing, making and monitoring key decisions be­comes easier.

Look-alike analysis

In a complex world, it is difficult to predict the likely outcomes of decisions. Look-alike analysis uses the experiences of similar businesses in the PIMS database to assess the chances of success and also to look for other strategies.

General findings and targeted research

PIMS is famous for linking market share to profitability, but there are other ‘lesser known’ findings and evidence that can be applied successfully by all businesses. Additionally, the databases are used within our assignments to analyze specific market and business situations.