In Zusammenhang mit einem Vortrag, den ich im Juli in Vietnam halten werde, wurden mir einige Fragen zu richtigem Management gestellt, die auch bei uns interessieren könnten. Eine davon lautet:
Question 5: Nowadays, many people who are employees tend to consecutively change their job in a short time. So how can a modern manager retain core values of knowledge and experience for his enterprise after his worker has resigned?
My Answer: He cannot, period. The key to the challenge is excellence in management. Organizations with high performance leadership which are effectively managed will find ways to keep their best people for a long time. Actually they will not need to find ways because they have already found them. Why? Because the best ones will easily understand that they will have the greatest opportunities in the best managed companies. So there is not only a competition for the brightest people – it is much more a competition for the best leadership of bright people. Leadership in management means also management for leadership.
This ranks high in motivation and it fascinates people and especially the right people.
Make organizations function superbly well, enable people to really achieve results by way of effective self-management; make them conscious of the meaning and importance of their contribution to the company and its customers; make them aware that they are not working for a boss but for a cause; build on their strengths and make them look beyond their apparent limits to discover new horizons and then enable them to go there.