Rethinking Europe: From March 9 – 12, 2017, 150 committed and young Europeans will assemble in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to work out the idea of a new constitution for a better Europe through the new social technology Malik Syntegration.

The timing could not have been better. In late March the European youth want to present their demands to the EU governments who will meet in Rome for the 60thanniversary of the Rome Treaty, by which the European Community was started.

Already in November 2016 a Malik Syntegration took place in Zurich, with the aim to develop solutions for a better Europe. Over 50 students from 38 European countries assembled at the University of Zurich. The European Future Leaders Conference, sponsored by the Malik Institute for Complexity Management, Governance and Leadership was a full success. The participants described the Malik Syntegration as the ideal way to jointly develop substantial solutions for the highly complex challenges of a European future.

At the upcoming Malik Syntegraton in Strasbourg – the European Youth Convention 2017 – networking of the knowledge of young Europeans will be the focus. In order to cope with complexity, to use European diversity and to create the opportunity to find a common path, Malik Syntegration is the ideal technology.

“Be ahead of change” is a central message for the successful mastering of the Great Transformation. The Malik team is pleased to welcome the participants of the European Youth Convention to start a positive change in Europe.
Malik Syntegration

Malik Syntegration is a high-performance communication approach for managing high complexity, interconnectedness, and rapid change. Large numbers of people find new solutions for complex questions by communicating simultaneously and in an interconnected manner; and in such a way that their joint knowledge, experience and their social energy lead to new solutions.