Management operating systems of a new era

Management for people and management for organizations are the dimensions of application of Malik’s wholistic management systems. With these, the conditions are created in which people can transform their own strengths into performance, will thus achieve, see meaning in it and will find fulfillment.

The Malik ManagementSystems® have unique characteristics that enable any management challenge to be overcome. They are universally applicable, meaning that they can be applied to all institutions, all cultures, all persons, at all levels, in all situations.

»They embody the concept of Right and Good Management, which is identical to Professional Management
»They can be learned and taught. This is made possible by differentiating between management tasks and operational tasks
»The selection criterion for the model elements is this – what does each manager need, all the time, everywhere
»They differentiate between being and doing; behaving and acting; virtues and practices
»They differentiate between knowledge and application; the general and individual case
»They have a modular structure for unlimited configuration and application

The Malik ManagementSystems® enable every organization and every person to function effectively and reliably. Their basis are the Malik basic models.

Experience the Malik Systems interactively.