Selected publications by Malik

The over 10 books by Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik on wholistic management have been classics and bestsellers for years, and have been translated into many languages. These include the management classic Managing Performing Livingand his six volume series on management and the mastering of complexity, of which three volumes have already been published; Management – The Essence of the CraftCorporate Policy and Governance and Strategy – Navigating the Complexity of the New World.

Furthermore, Malik has intellectual title to several of the greatest pioneers, such as the management cybernetician Stafford Beer (The Brain of the Firm, The Heart of Enterprise, Platform for Change and Diagnosing the System of Organisations) and Frederic Vester (The Art of Interconnected Thinking and more than 20 additional publications).

The edition MALIK includes scientific orientation and navigation guidelines for executives of all types of organizations.

As a supplement to the books the Malik ManagementSystems® are available in the form of audio CDs, DVDs, MP3, the monthly Malik Letter and in the form of prize-winning online courses.

Scientific Basis: The Malik Management Systems®