Functioning Organizations – Effective Managers

With international offices and partner networks for cybernetics, systemics and bionics, Malik is the leading knowledge organization for holistic, system-cybernetic management, Right Governance, and responsible leadership. The leading point of contact for managers who wanted to be trained, advised, supported, and coached in the application of system-cybernetic top management systems for mastering complexity. Commercial businesses, non-profit organizations and public bodies have commissioned us to create their general management systems.

Our solutions are the result of 50 years of research and application in the general management of complex systems and the functioning of organizations. Since the beginnings in 1972 with the first generation St. Gallen management model by Hans Ulrich and Walter Krieg and the first course system MZSG based upon it, we have developed what is now the sixth system generation. The basis is made up of the complexity disciplines cybernetics, systemics and bionics. After close collaboration with research pioneers in management, system sciences and cybernetics, in some cases for many years, Malik has acquired their intellectual property, thus preventing it from being forgotten. These personalities were decades ahead of their time.