Malik New World Education

  1. It quickly enables participants to achieve new and immediately noticeable effects.
  2. It enables a new level of functioning, of organization, and of the person in organization.
  3. It teaches pure cybernetics: Knowledge for functioning management applied to your own work.
  4. It introduces a corporate operating system – a consistent management language and a uniform management concept

Every human being learns differently as an adult. We enable each attendee to find their own learning methods.

We make highly selective use of the Malik learning resources, namely only that which the person directly needs for their current key task.

We work in fast lanes: Everyone goes at their own speed in the Malik management programs. Malik experts provide help on user platforms specifically as is needed.

The following topics are components of all programs:

  1. Management of yourself
  2. Management of bosses and peers
  3. Management of operational units
  4. Management of the known and of innovations