The Great Transformation21

The economy and society are going through one of the greatest transformations in history. It is a paradigmatic mega-change which brings about most risky turbulences. It is no less than a shift from an old to a new world. To master it, a revolutionary new management is needed in order to shift resources in the critical decision zone. For this challenge we have the best solutions ever, amplifying the effectiveness of management by 80fold and speed of change by 100fold.

The so-called professionals analyze today’s economic situation in old world-categories. Accordingly helpless are their commendations and decisions. What we perceive as a financial and economic crisis is not a “Great Depression” but a huge social transformation process – a profound control and systems crisis – and the eve of a New World. Fredmund Malik calls it the “Great Transformation 21”.

The old world of capitalism and socialism is dying as a new world emerges. It is doing so because the old world created conditions that were not sustainable. For the time being, the features of the new world are only sketchily recognizable. To describe the order of the New World, Malik proposes, on a trial basis, the term “humane functionism” to escape the conceptual prison of the old polarity of capitalism and communism and to show a new way of understanding.

In his book “Corporate Policy and Corporate Governance” Malik sets out 14 theses for the new world: Download PDF