Malik E-Management Praxis Online®

For managers of operative units, project and program managers

Our unique blended learning program for the effective management of result-producing business units. The Malik Management Systems® for online self-learning, active learning in a virtual class room as well as in selected face-to-face courses with complete online tutoring. Absolutely flexible – anywhere – anytime.

Dates & Enrolling

Malik E-Management Praxis Online® – MPO Managing a Business®
Dates:April 29, 2020 (Online Kick Off)
October 1st & 2nd, 2020
4.680 EUR
(plus valid VAT)
Duration:The program comprises 20 modules each of which has 4 elements
Location:Online learning platform

We allow us to shift course dates if the number of participants is too low.

The program starts with a kick-off workshop in Berlin. Find more information about our E-Learning-Programs in our brochure or in our online presentations. Ms. Barbara Lechtenfeld will answer all your questions: +41 71 274 35 53.

Individual dates for presentations are possible on request. Please register to participate via e-mail.


The program comprises 20 modules:

1. Management as a profession
2. The Integrated Management System IMS®

Management tasks
3. Orientation toward company goals
4. Organizing your own area
5. Decision-making – a system for structuring thought processes
6. Controlling results and performance
7. Development and support of people

Management tools
8. Successful planning of meetings
9. Assigning the employees correctly
10. Self-management – using personal work methods
11. Systematic waste disposal

Appearance and effect
12. Communication – having difficult conversations
13. Presenting and moderating
14. Confident appearance in the face of the customer

Key factors of healthy organizations
15. Increasing your own market efficiency
16. Analyzing customer value
17. Successful positioning of innovations on the market

Financial management
18. Manager, controlling and controller
19. Operational management by numbers
20. Financial general management

Each of the 20 modules is comprised of four elements:

1. Short orientation on content and learning target of each module.

2. Web Based Training (WBT)
The web based training conveys the content in terms of text, pictures and sound as well as in terms of numerous interactive exercises.

3. Self test
A series of self-tests test the knowledge of the modules and give effective feedback on your current understanding.

4. Course in a virtual classroom
A 60-minute course in a virtual classroom using concrete exercises and tasks anchors the subject matter in the mind.