Holistic and modular management solutions for the greatest challenges of companies and organizations in the public sector and 40 years of management education in the top management. We are worldwide leading in professional management, in the scientifically based management theory as well as in the practical application of wholistic management, and in the topics of leadership and governance. We understand management as the most important societal function and as basis for the ability to lead organizations as complex, dynamically interconnected, unpredictable systems into the future.

Our core competencies include:
» change management
» HR and organizational development
» strategy
» individual coaching
» management consulting, education and training

Our solutions are based on the complexity sciences cybernetics, systemics and bionics.

Our unique system-cybernetic method Malik SuperSyntegration® achieves prompt and sustainable results, especially when far-reaching change is required as with
» result improvement
» cultural change
» innovation
» investment optimization
» cost reduction
» post-merger
» strategy development and design
» restructuring
» increasing productivity and sales
» organizational design

Our method set is applicable in all business and societal segements and for all complex management challenges. Our customers include business corporations, no-business organizations and public institutions due to our measurable results and stringent guidance during implementation.