Dr. Denis Mourlane is a psychotherapist and management consultant. In his blog, he shows which factors and characteristics are important for building resilience. “Impulse control” is especially important in the burnout prevention, says Mourlane. In this context he cites Malik: “I say: It’s not the complexity that is making us sick, but the way we are dealing with it. Professor Fredmund Malik, one of the leading management thinkers of our time, proposes the following provocative, but very accurate thesis in his book “Managing Performing Living”: ‘Most of the often discussed accompaniments of intensive work and work-related pressures like stress, bustle and hectic, damages caused to one’s health and many family-related quarrels can be traced back to a lack of good working methods. Hardly anybody gets sick from a lot of or hard work. You get tired from it. But you get sick from inefficient, futile and fruitless work.’”more (in German)