23 07, 2019

Simple, Electric, Honest – How VW Wants to Get Rid of the Cheating Image

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Unter Anleitung des St. Gallener Management-Lehrers Fredmund Malik arbeitete die VW-Führung in Kleingruppen Ideen aus, schrieben sie auf Tafeln. Danach diskutierte die Gruppe eine Idee eine halbe Stunde lang, jeder musste versuchen, die Umstehenden dafür zu gewinnen. „Jeder Fachbereich bekam so einen 360-Grad-Blick für die Probleme und eine gemeinsam getragene Vorstellung, was passieren muss“, sagt Jürgen Stackmann, der damals [...]

13 01, 2019

DIGICON 2018—Speech by Prof. Fredmund Malik

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Prof. Fredmund Malik gave a speech on "The Great Transformation21" at the DIGICON 2018. Participants from more than 200 companies attended his talk. DIGICON is an important meeting when it comes to forward-looking ideas and the latest developments in the field of digitization. In 2018, DIGICON in Munich was themed "Machine Learning—Impulses through Quantum Computing, Data [...]

6 09, 2018

New edition by Springer publishing house “Visionäre von heute – Gestalter von morgen”—with an interview with Prof. Fredmund Malik

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The electronic edition of the new book "Visionäre von heute - Gestalter von morgen" is now available. The book, edited by Dr. Alexandra Hildebrandt and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Werner Neumüller, brings together approaches and perspectives of renowned personalities from business, society, science, culture and sport—people who can courageously deal with change and who have gained important insights on their way. The [...]

19 09, 2017

Creating the Future of Brainport Smart District

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In 2017 the Malik Institute conducted a Malik Syntegration for Brainport Smart District. Brainport is a leading technology region in Europe, located in the Southeast Netherlands, with Eindhoven at its heart. This top technology region creates solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow. The partners in the development of Brainport Smart District are dedicated to the realization of housing development, [...]

18 09, 2017

Understanding Economics Means Understanding debt

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“Anyone who wishes to understand the financial crisis needs to understand what indebtedness means. Only by correctly understanding debt does it emerge how effective measures to combat the crisis could be and where the dangers of this crisis lie. The actual problem is not falling share and property prices, but rather indebtedness.” (in German)

18 09, 2017

Against the US Management Nonsense

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“Hopes of an economic upturn are rising everywhere, except in Germany. But it may all turn out differently: the stock markets are in decline, the USA is becoming the birthplace of programmed crises. Why? Because America’s economic strength is utterly overrated.”  (in German)

18 09, 2017

With best practice into bankruptcy

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“Corporate governance according to the standards of so-called ‘best practice’ as specified in corporate governance codes can lead directly to bankruptcy. The probability that this occurs is not slight.” (in German)

18 09, 2017

Rejection of US paradigm

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“The bears are prevailing on the US stock markets and the hordes of MBA graduates will have to learn the hard way: a good manager does not have to solve case studies, but instead recognize risks and opportunities at an early date. The swan song will take its time, in the opinion of Fredmund Malik.”  (in German)

18 09, 2017

Ball and chain

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“The USA is the guarantor of worldwide economic growth. With this image and the current record growth it provides for worldwide euphoria. But what if everyone is mistaken as a result of sheer enthusiasm? A completely different view is no less plausible. And as an entrepreneur one has to be prepared for emergencies.”  (in German)

16 09, 2017

Motivation killer teamwork, August 13, 2010

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In his web blog "Berraspektiven" Michael Berra has also exposed the previous half-truths on the subject of "teamwork": "Emde is of the view like the Swiss management consultant Fredmund Malik from the Management Center Sankt Gallen that teamwork is currently (sic!) hugely overvalued. According to a study by the business consultants Proudfoot every employee spends about 84 days annually on [...]

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