Reference example result improvement: A construction company

Following a long expansion phase with several acquisitions in foreign countries, an international construction company faced the complex challenge of generating an expected return on those investments. In 2009 and 2010 the result didn’t even remotely meet expectations, and the company decided to organize a Malik SuperSyntegration®.

In just 3.5 days the 41 participants developed – together with the management board, the functional areas and the country heads a total of 40 measures which realized all of the pre-set goals: an increase in company earnings of 26 million Euro as of 2012; this reflects about seven percent of the sales volume. The working capital was improved by 51 million Euro; this is 28 percent of the reserve and receivables‘ value as well as 204 percent of the liabilities. The investments were then reduced by 21 million Euro which is about 41 percent of the original investment plan’s sum for 2011.

The Syntegration method brought additional qualitative improvement. According to the general feedback the winning spirit was considerably increased. In addition to that, the SuperSyntegration allowed for conflicting themes to be dealt with openly. The group grew together and developed a common language and perspective during the SuperSyntegration.

This result was primarily achieved based on our core method, the Malik SuperSyntegration®. We have solved similar challenges for several business segments such as retail, information technology, services, production, energy, finance, etc.