Corporate Policy and Governance

How Organizations Self-Organize

This second volume of the series entitled “Management: Mastering Complexity” (first volume: Management: The Essence of the Craft) describes the key models and principles most essential for the self-orchestrated success of managers, their people and their organizations. Malik has no peer when it comes to diagnosing the dilemmas of our time and identifying the only conceivable way to solve them. His keen analyses offer practical guidance to stressed managers who, while they may be able to recognize the challenges of epochal change, are still at a loss for solutions.

Excerpt from Corporate Policy and Governance:
Theses for the New World of the 21st Century

Man-made organizations such as businesses and other societal institutions can function autodynamically, in the same way as modern technology steers, regulates and controls itself. With this book, Fredmund Malik offers insight into his cybernetic toolkit, along with instructions for its use. General systems policy and master controls are the key functions of future corporate policy and corporate governance. And Fredmund Malik shows how organizations have to be organized so they can subsequently organize themselves. With this book series he presents his cybernetic general management system for the age of complexity.

With this book, Malik lives up to his reputation as a mastermind.” – Financial Times Deutschland