Management: The Essence of the Craft

Volume 1 of the series “Ma­nage­ment: Mastering Complexity”

In today’s competitive world, good management is essential. With Management: The Essence of the Craft, Fredmund Malik — one of the most prominent authors of management scholarship in Europe — draws on the works of Stafford Beer, Peter Drucker, Friedrich von Hayek, and Viktor Frankl to outline the basic principles of effective professional management. While previous studies have relied strictly on human psychology to evaluate existing theories of management, Malik instead employs a cybernetics of complex systems for the task. Though Mangagement is written primarily for managers in the business world, it will be valuable to those in other fields facing management tasks.

This book is the first in the six-volume series Management: Mastering Complexity. Readers will find here what cannot be found in business administration studies: answers to the questions of strategy, structure and culture, corporate policy, complexity-driven challenges and opportunities, the task of information, communication, control, and regulation, successful innovation and a safe way to accomplish change.

With this series, Fredmund Malik publishes for the first time his entire system of findings, knowledge, and tools for professionalism in management, thus making it available to people and organizsations in the 21st century.

One of the best management books. It contains wise and exceptional ideas. – WirtschaftsWoche

Malik commands plenty of attention, for management knowledge has never been as important as it is today.– Süddeutsche Zeitung

Excerpt from Management: The Essence of the Craft:
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