Navigating the Complexity of the New World

This book describes Malik’s strategic solutions for the Revolutions of the New World, which are already underway. They are part of the Great Transformation 21 which the author will address in the book.

In the six parts of this book, he will first look at the dynamics of the Great Transformation 21, its inherent risks of crisis and its opportunities, as well as the labor pains that the New World is suffering. After that, he will deal with the amazingly effective cybernetic systems for strategic navigation and the strategy maps required for that, as well as the empirical quantification of businesses, both existing and yet unknown, which will help break the new territory of innovation.

Finally, Malik will reveal the patterns that the tidal currents of great transformations invariably follow, as well as the economic dynamics resulting from them and the strategies required to deal with them.
In the last part of the book he will describe the revolutionary new methods that enable us to master groundbreaking strategic change with great precision and unprecedented time compression – at the “speed of light”, so to speak. This way, even enormous corporate growth and size can be managed and turned into true strengths, with perfect ease and using innovative approaches where conventional approaches have proven useless.

Excerpt from Strategy – Navigating the Complexity of the New World:
» Propositions for the Strategy of New Functioning

Further information regarding one of the key subjects of the book:

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