Decision-Making for a New World

Natural Laws of Evolution and Competition as a Road Map to Revolutionary New Management

Mit Geleitwort von Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik

Seeing events and actions to be taken as a function of time is key to a successful strategy. The seasonal dimension can be imposed on all business activity. Birth implies death. A business life cycle has different stages, each governed by its own rules. Those who follow these rules will grow in harmony and along the path of least resistance.

Among the pieces of information needed are:
– What is the remaining growth potential?
– Where in the growth process is your business? What “season” is it in?
– What is the timeframe for the growth, decay, and rebirth of your business?
– What should you trust more your instinct or your rationale in a given situation?
– What is your competitive role in the marketplace?
– What is the right image and the most effective advertising message?
– Should you differentiate or counterattack?

This book will enable the consultant to guide his/her clients in answering these questions.