Malik on Mountains

›› What can people achieve? When and why do they achieve?

›› Where are their limits? Why do so many accept far too narrow boundaries while others attempt to overcome them all their life long? How far can each of us expand his personal boundaries?

›› What does this have to do with management? What does management actually mean? What is the relationship between performance, boundaries and management?

Mountain climbing and management are dimensions which pose the same questions. Experts in management cybernetics immediately perceive Fredmund Malik’s relationship with the mountains and his passion, Alpinism, in all of its varieties.

On cliffs, in ice, on skis or with crampons, free climbing or with ice axes in the high and extreme difficulty grades – to be precise, one cannot draw a distinction between his relationship to management and his work.

Sassongher (2.665 meters)

Dolomites (South Tyrol/Italy)