Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik

The Austrian Award of Honor for Science and the Arts is given to those who have earned it by rendering services worthy of recognition.

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik was honored at a formal reception on the Austrian national public holiday on October 29, 2009 with the Austrian Award of Honor for Science and the Arts. He was awarded the honor decoration “for his scientific services in the field of the development of universally applicable management systems for the reliable functioning of organizations of all kinds.”

The presentation ceremony was carried out by the Austrian ambassador Dr. Hans Peter Manz and the Austrian consul general Dr. Petra Schneebauer. In his speech praising the prizewinner ambassador Dr. Manz paid tribute to the extraordinary scientific achievements of Fredmund Malik.

Dr. Josef Keller presented congratulations on behalf of the St. Gallen cantonal government. He underlined the importance of Malik as an important company and employer of international renown in St. Gallen. Among other things, he emphasized the extraordinary achievement of Professor Malik in having also made his scientific research findings into an entrepreneurial success through the establishment and development of his organization.

The occasion was simultaneously Professor Malik’s 25th anniversary as Austrian honorary consul in St. Gallen. Over 150 personalities from politics, the business world and society took part in the consular reception at the headquarters of Malik in St. Gallen.