Ahead of Change

How Crowd Psychology and Cybernetics transform the way we govern

Wars, revolutions and financial manias are not a necessity. There are ways to prevent them. There are ways to transform the way we govern to ensure a functioning society. What it takes is to be ahead of change – to anticipate change and prepare for it. For this, new methods and instruments are needed – and a whole new way of thinking.

Crowd Psychology and Management Cybernetics lead the way. We have the unique chance today to change something that appears to be an everlasting law: that mankind needs a complete breakdown before it can achieve further progress. We have this chance because today we have the tools to change it. The crisis we are witnessing is far from over. And it has the capacity to become the worst crisis this world has seen in centuries. But it is not too late to prevent a disaster. The methods pursued until now, however, lead straight to it. Constantin Malik offers an alternative way in this book.

The author

Constantin Malik is an expert in management cybernetics. He holds a Master Degree in Law and earned a Doctoral Degree in Psychology having integrated crowd psychology, managerial cybernetics and law to new approach on government. He is a member of the board of directors at Malik, an international knowledge organization in the field of general management consulting and education. He lives in St. Gallen, Switzerland.