Maucher and Malik on Management – Maxims of Corporate Management

In this book, the readers learn everything they need to about what’s right and successful management, according to the authors. The two experts have worked out management accomplishments of universal validity. Today, as so many questionable and partly misleading things about management and its societal function are bandied about, the author’s thoughts present a reliable landmark and compendium for exemplary and right management.

The main part of the book comprises Helmut Maucher’s most important speeches, essays, and interviews. In his introduction, Fredmund Malik highlights Maucher’s special achievements in comparison to his own management theory. A diolague between Maucher and Malik specially held for this book shows today’s crisis is also – and mostly – based on false management, and how right ethics might find the way back into top management levels.

This book holds special importance for managers and entrepreneurs as well as politicians. They learn the universally valid principles, strategies, methods, and tools which enable the top managment to successfully lead an organization in a right and therefore sustainable way even in the most complex situations.