The Right Corporate Governance

Long before everybody else, Malik uncovered the false logic on which conventional corporate governance is grounded, using his comprehensive general management framework. He unmasked neo-liberalism’s false and destructive teachings, and the errors caused by the mechanical application of financial management. In this book he reveals why manager scandals, company disintegrations and the collapse of the financial system result from false corporate governance. Malik then contrasts this against his cutting edge solutions to organizing and controlling the complex systems of the 21st century. A healthy economy in a functioning society requires companies to strive for customer value not shareholder value, competitiveness not size, real engineering solutions not financial engineering solutions.

Many practitioners hang on his every word and appreciate his candid language.” – Wirtschaft und Weiterbildung

Malik is listened to because management knowledge has never been more important.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung

Excerpt from The Right Corporate Governance:
» 12 Propositions for Reforming Corporate Governance