The Malik Total Immersion Education Programs are organized into various modules in accordance with the Malik General Management Model. These are linked with the main elements of strategy, structure, culture, and executives. The programs

  1. contain the highly developed communication processes, e.g. the Malik SuperSyntegration process.
  2. contain systematic models for enhancing intelligence and Think-Tools based on the newest neurological research findings, including computer-based training within innovative didactics to control complex, interconnected systems, like the game Malik Ecopolicy®.

For the four core elements, the program is expanded by four modules. These cover all of the models, methods, and tools needed by an effective manager. For the application of the models, methods and needed tools, the programs are complemented by a separate module for integrated management implementation. All of these elements are integrated into the management system of Prof. Fredmund Malik. Each of these core modules is coherent in itself and is valid as an independent element, while also providing a basic context for expansions. The Malik Education Programs exist in four forms:

  1. Basic
  2. Expanded
  3. Advanced and
  4. Overall

Individual one-to-one coaching by Malik experts as support for all matters during the program is as much a part of the program as classrooms and web platforms with experts for an ongoing transfer of knowledge with teaching assistance.