PIMS® Profit Impact of Market Strategy®

“When the history of business strategy is written, PIMS will remain as a milestone.” – Prof. Philip Kotler, founder of the modern marketing approach

“Evidence based thinking beats wishful thinking.”

Keith Roberts, Senior Partner

The PIMS® (Profit Impact of Market Strategy®) tools are a key part of the Malik Strategy Intelligence Program. They allow you to quickly and accura­tely assess the potential effects of your strategy and actions where it mat­ters: In the mar­ket­place and on the bottom line.

Like Syntegration, PIMS is based on simple concepts but is extremely pow­er­ful in application. Initiated by General Electric in the 1960’s for portfolio and in­vest­ment analysis, the PIMS tools and databases have been refined and developed first by Harvard, then as an independent company, and now as part of Malik.

The PIMS Strategy database, developed in the course of consulting assign­­ments across the globe, now contains in depth customer, market, and fi­nan­cial data for around 4200 businesses with a minimum time span of three years, giv­ing us 25000 years of real business experience at our finger tips.

The basic principles of PIMS can be summarised as follows: