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Result improvement automotive supplier

///Result improvement automotive supplier
Result improvement automotive supplier2018-04-11T17:27:37+00:00

Reference example result improvement: automotive supplier

Automotive supplier with about 50.000 employees:

To achieve a sustainable ROCE of 18% by 2011 and align two opposing business divisions

Result: In only 3.5 days
» deep frictions between two major business divisions overcome
» 36 key measures generating savings of 32 million Euros jointly identified (2.1 billion Euros turnover)
» extraordinary commitment for joint implementation
» ROCE from -12% in 2009 to +14% in 2010 already and 24% in 2011

This result was primarily achieved based on our core method, the Malik SuperSyntegration®. We have solved the same challenge for several business segments as retail, information technology, services, production, energy, finance, etc.

Scientific Basis: The Malik Management Systems®

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