SuperSyntegration® for cities, communities and regions

We make society’s organizations function

The Syntegration method ensured excellent results in almost 1000 applications in the private sector. Lately, the Malik SuperSyntegration® also made a decisive impact on the public sector. With our Malik Competence Center for cities, communities and regions we enable politicians and heads of administrations to master the great challenges the Great Transformation21 presents to them.

With conventional methods, the gap between falling turnover and increasing costs in cities’ and regions’ administrative sector cannot be mastered. Cities need coherent overall concepts to ensure their attractiveness for citizens and companies, their financial stability and their long-lasting viability. The participation of key persons from the political, economic and societal sector (schools, associations etc.) at the SuperSyntegration guarantees the mutual development and implementation of integrated solutions for different areas like economics, transportation, culture, sports or tourism.

Due to their size and, mostly, stringent structures, committees like city councils or councils will all too often only find the “lowest common denominator”. The SuperSyntegration, on the other hand, determines the “biggest common divisor” by use of the collective know-how.
SuperSyntegrations are democratic and efficient processes at the same time. By involving the representatives of the different areas, an encompassing legitimization of the decisions is what results as well as a high personal commitment to solving the problem.

After the SuperSyntegration, Mayors, heads of town councils or district administrators are able to design their management tasks in an absolutely result-oriented way.