Malik Syntegration®

The Syntegration® process is the most efficient and rapid solution method for complex challenges

that involve many or all organization units in a company
if, for the quality of the decisions, it is necessary to involve many highly qualified persons across the organization because their cumulative knowledge is required for good solutions
if the same efficiency is simultaneously required as in small teams
if, for reasons of time and costs, high speed is critical for success, because change occurs more rapidly than it does for conventional processes that take longer to produce solutions

Syntegration is applicable in all segments of the economy and society and with all types of challenges, such as strategy development, restructuring, a change in corporate culture, an increase in earnings and innovations, or to maintain and enhance customer relations. It is also used for post-merger integrations, organizational development, cost reductions and profit improvement, among other things.

The scientific bases for the quantifiably reliable functioning of the Syntegration process are to be found in the natural laws of modern communication theory and complex system cybernetics. Consequently, the roughly 1000 applications of Syntegration methods thus far have proven successful without exception.

While many months, and often even years, are required when conventional processes are applied, highly complex, interlinked problems are optimally resolved in just a matter of days with our Syntegration.

Thanks to a self-regulating high-performance communication process, it is possible for the first time to combine the knowledge, intelligence and creativity of more than 40 experts working simultaneously together. This results in optimal, holistic, innovative and super-fast solutions.

The Malik Syntegrations address several levels of the problem at the same time. First of all on the substantive level on which optimal solutions come about, as well as the innovative actions for their implementation. Secondly, on the level of organizational culture, where maximum consensus for the solutions is created, and where the social energy for implementation is released to an extent hardly imaginable. A sense of determined perseverance is generated on the implementation level, which produces speed and achievement of goals. Finally, because so many savings in terms of costs and time are achieved, Syntegration pays for itself, and an additional return is achieved in the high two- or three-figure range.

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