Management for Chinese Universities

Right and Good Management, socially responsible university governance and effective leadership for the presidents of the most renowned universities in China.

Statements of the university presidents on SuperSyntegration®:

In a cooperation with China’s State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), Malik designed a series of education programs in system-cybernetic management for selected Chinese government officials and academic top leaders. The aim of the education programs was to convey the ideal management systems for the ideal university.

The first two trainings were held in 2011 for over 100 university presidents, high ranking executives of the universities’ administration and graduate students at the Jimei University in Xiamen, China. Topics were complexity, systemic interconnectedness and dynamic change in university management and administration.

Twelve university presidents thereof subsequently attended a highly intensive management education program at Malik in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The program concentrated on the application of the Malik Systems®, Tools and Methods. One of the highlights was the 2.5 day SuperSyntegration during which a set of solutions to tackle the challenges of science and education management in the 21st century was developed.

During their stay in Switzerland, the presidents visited leading universities and research institutes, among which: The University of St. Gallen, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the German Institute for Cancer Research and the Association for Heavy Ion Research (Germany).

The Malik University Management Program received the highest rating by the participants for its immediate value to tackle their current challenges and due to the universal applicability of the system-cybernetic Malik Management Thinking, Methods and Tools.

The Presidents get to know and apply the Malik Systems

Chinese University Presidents developing Malik Sensitivity Models® for the strategic alignment of their own universities.

China’s “State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs” (SAFEA) is responsible for the cooperation with foreign experts and trainings in China.