The City of Fürth: back to financial health after Malik SuperSyntegration®

Free of suffocating financial burden in 3.5 days thanks to revolutionary social technology

Using the innovative Malik SuperSyntegration® method, the City of Fürth started out on a journey of deep financial and functional restructuring in July 2010 that has been more successful than anyone could ever have imagined. In just 3.5 days, 32 key city administrators applied tools of the SuperSyntegration method to find new responses to an urgent challenge the city had spent several years attempting to face – its pressing financial situation and ensuing erosion.

The Fürth example is so interesting in part due to the fact that even years later we can see the highly persuasive – you could even say sensational – consequences of the SuperSyntegration. The key question for the SuperSyntegration process was as follows:

“Beginning from today, what has to be done so that the City of Fürth can re-establish its ability to function in all areas and, thereby, manage to effectively and durably eliminate the existing deficit and balance the administrative budget by 2013?”

Overview of results:
From threatening insolvency to a new ability to invest within the space of two years
Seemingly unachievable government savings mandates over-fulfilled at 153 percent
New measures to counteract financial emergency developed in-house in just 3.5 days
Budget deficit permanently reduced by 48 percent
Budget consolidation thanks to previously nonexistent cooperation
›  70 percent of measures developed in 2010 already successfully implemented after seven months
80 percent of supplementary measures agreed in 2011 realized within another twelve months
A sensational 60 percent of newly identified budgetary relief realized after two years
Difference of opinion between the parties successfully ended
Optimism instead of resignation; confidence instead of hopelessness
Maximum consensus among those involved
Consequently, significant increase in city council decisiveness
Led to unanimous, fast, and correct decision making within the city bodies
Innovative cybernetic regulatory system developed for the city and city administration
City has a new ability to function more effciently at every level
New positive awareness of a groundbreaking shift in society
Exemplary, successful, dynamic public governance
Satisfaction among all participants higher than 90 percent
No costs because the SuperSyntegration process pays for itself
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The City of Fürth: back to financial health after Malik SuperSyntegration®

Interview with Dr. Ammon, City Councillor of Fürth, after the Malik SuperSyntegration

Dr. Stefanie Ammon, City Councillor for finances, HR and organization of Fürth, in an interview (November 2010): “I am convinced that the SuperSyntegration is the optimal method for solving complex problems that deal with highly diverging interests.”