Reference example strategy development: A retail business company

Development of a new strategy for the IT department

A retail business company with several regional distributors, production facilities as well as numerous additional factories had to adapt its previous IT strategy to the new environment. The old strategy was aimed at consolidation, whereas the new strategy should set new impulses and define the concentration of competencies.

With the help of the Malik SuperSyntegration® the targets, instruments and measures for the new strategy were to be discovered and shaped in consideration of the heterogeneous structures and responsibilities of the corporation as a whole.

A SuperSyntegration in the executive format was conducted in 2.5 days with the IT management, the management and selected employees of all of the competence centers, the head of marketing as well as IT co-operation partners. The participants together formulated and elaborated on ten measures and reached a consensus regarding content. This generated a strong will for implementation. The IT was no longer seen only as a cost unit, but much more as a “business partner” now, which self-organizes and supports the further development of the company.

This result was primarily achieved based on our core method, the Malik SuperSyntegration®. We have solved similar challenges for several business segments such as retail, information technology, services, production, energy, finance, etc.