Viable organizational structures
for today and the future

All over the world, economies and societies are going through one of the greatest transformations ever. This presents most organizations and their management with challenges that they have not been facing in decades:
Centralization versus Decentralization
Uncontrollable growth
Dealing with external and internal complexity
Conjoined silo structures
Inadequate customer orientation

The fastest way to a functioning organization able to cope with these challenges is the Malik VSM. Any type of organization can be diagnosed within a few days with regard to its strengths and weaknesses in coping with these challenges and (re-)designed accordingly to maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Right when organizations become complex und thus conventional organizational models reach their limits, the Malik VSM leads the way to a new method of organization, inspired by nature’s principles of operation. Working with the Malik VSM means creating the organizational preconditions for long-term viability.

The digital nervous system of your organization

Mastering organizational transformation is one of the most demanding management tasks. It requires full conviction, willingness to change, stamina on all levels of the organization and a mindset change down to the capillaries of the organization. With the VSMinteractive® we have developed an innovative software application based on the Malik VSM which optimally supports you in the organizational (re-)design process and acts as a management navigation system for successfully steering your organization. It is the only digital approach to organizational design and navigation.

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