Reference example increase in sales: company in the building technology sector

A family-run company in the construction technology sector conducted a Malik SuperSyntegration® in 2011 to increase the sales of their business segment “Area Germany” by 65 percent and its return by 50 percent. The region had not seen any noteworthy growth in the previous ten years. Simultaneously, the productivity decreased so that the company was facing a dwindling EBIT in comparison to its competitors.

The costs had steadily increased. This negative development massively reduced the choice of options. Thanks to the SuperSyntegration method, results regarded as virtually unattainable were found in just 3.5 days with regard to the opening question; the ambitious objectives were even exceeded.

With completely new solutions, the target of “only” an increase of 330 million Euro was actually realized with a 505 million Euro increase in sales, exceeding the objective by 300 percent.

The return increased from 6.5 to 13 percent. Necessary decisions regarding employees were realized thanks to a systematic evaluation of managerial qualities. The development of a new sales structure succeeded with the responsible managers openly discussing their differences and reaching consensus.

This result was primarily achieved based on our core method, the Malik SuperSyntegration®. We have solved similar challenges for several business segments such as retail, information technology, services, production, energy, finance, etc.