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Stetten Diakonie (welfare and social organisation) breaks new ground

The Stetten Diakonie, the biggest welfare organization in the Stuttgart area with a revenue of 190 million euros and just under 4,000 employees, used the SuperSyntegration® method to develop new solutions for its organization between July 12 and 15, 2010 under the leadership of Malik. A group of key decision-makers from the Stetten Diakonie succeeded in turning round the culture of the entire organization within a very short time.

Clear targets and projects for various issues, including structures and processes, employee responsibility, data security, professional standards, and a more accurately defined profile and image for the organization are the result of 3.5 days of SuperSyntegration in Stetten.

Participants gained insight into areas of the organization they knew nothing about. CEO Heiderose Maaß emphasizes that SuperSyntegration increased identification with the Stetten Diakonie as a whole. A collective corporate ethos was created.

Since the Stetten Diakonie has steadily expanded and branched out, “it is vital that the individual departments should now understand each other and not grow away from each other,” said Maaß. According to Press Officer Eberhard O. Brachhold, issues had been broached that “had been festering in the background for years but had never been brought out in the open.” SuperSyntegration had given people the self-confidence to lay their cards on the table and tackle the issues.

Customers’ view

Every cent spent on SuperSyntegration is worth it because it has a direct impact.” – Rainer Hinzen, CEO of the Stetten Diakonie following theSuperSyntegration